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This service uses the IRC protocol and you will need an IRC client to use it. There are currently two main ways of connecting to one of the IRC servers:

If you have a stand-alone client installed, try using the following link, which will hopefully connect your client to a server:


If that doesn't work, you'll have to manually fire up your IRC client and tell it to connect to

Hostname: irc.quaker.eu.org
Port: 6667

The details of this are client-specific.


Horrible Windows? Try mIRC.

Using a more liberated computer? irssi is a nice, if unpronounceably-named, client. There are many others.


If you are not familiar with IRC, you may find irchelp.org useful.

Almost all activity currently takes place on the #quaker channel. The Java client will take you there by default. You should be able to join the channel manually using the command

/join #quaker

GeorgeFox is our hero who sees everything, knows everything and remembers everything.

Administrators are Alex, Daf, Riddell and Sladen.

All chat is logged.
Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.
Access to this service is a privilege not a right.

Please report any misuse to an administrator.


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